The Meeting Room


Dinning/Meeting room Dinning/Meeting room


This grandiose old dining room is a very versatile space with lots of natural light and ample areas, boasting a walk-in fireplace. It has a very large dining/meeting table and twelve chairs and displays a number of historic paintings and crockery - including the full dining set used in the reception banquet given in honour of King D. Carlos on his famous Royal visit to the Azores in 1901 (mind you, that one is not to be put to use!). It has its own entrance directly to the garden, and so can be used independently of the house.

The room is equipped with an automatic screen and a projector, Wi-fi, and a TV point. It can be given distinct appearances depending on the requested use, such as taking the historic table and chairs away and having a more modern workshop space, either with chairs or even as just an open space - should you fancy renting it for some yoga or tai-chi practise!


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