The Green
The Green The Green

On the Northeast corner of the grounds, just below the swimming pond and Azorean garden areas, we have over 1000 square meters of lawn which can be used for putting up tents for events such as weddings, large birthday parties or any other awesome gigs. The green is enclosed to the west by a small open-air amphitheatre carved semi-circularly into the embankment, from where one ca witness an open-air ceremony or watch a class or demonstration of almost any sporting activity.

Outhouse Project Detail Outhouse Project Detail

This amazing open space is supported by the East Outhouse: which can host its own events or act as a valuable operational HQ for caterers and event organisers with a tent in the grounds. It is a versatile, large lean-to eco-building that integrates the existing dry stone wall with new hedge-like green walls made from endemic species, and an extensive green roof supported by a concrete and wood structure. In it you will find composting toilets and running water, all connected up to the reed bed system for eco-remediation of grey waters. Isn´t that awesome?

As a day-to-day support for gardening activities the east outhouse has cabinets for garden clothing (for extra allotment glamour!) and small tool storage, and a few potting and working tables, all of which we easily convert into useful support material for events. It also has electricity points for those late-night garden work needs - and to light-up garden parties, of course :) 

Both the Green and the East OutHouse can be rented individually or combined as part of a larger event requiring more space and/or facilities.