The Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace is a stunning 90 sq. meter greenhouse that leans onto the main Garden Wall and mixes local architectural features to complement it. Waist-high basalt walls support the glass structure which is reminiscent of the traditional pineapple hothouses of S. Miguel. We have designed this to be multi-functional too: it can be a productive greenhouse nurturing our organic seedlings, or a stunning conservatory for a party reception with dinner under the stars... Take a break from the ordinary when hosting your next event on our beautiful crystal palace!

In front of it there is an open lawn to spread out into. It is available to rent for smaller events, or as a complement to a larger do, fitting up to 50 seated places. It provides a versatile and secluded location with a background of lush vegetation for a range of gatherings. Crative event ideas are limited only by your imagination – contact us to start planning your next event!

Needless to say, it is fully kitted with water, electricity and Wi-fi.