Swimming Pond

Awesome pool! Awesome pool!

Our gardens feature a unique natural swimming pool - an innovative and beautiful space that provides visitors with a crystal clear body of water for their swimming pleasure with no use of chemicals whatsoever (we're not particularly fond of those, you might have realised by now). Instead, the water is cleansed and oxygenated through natural processes carried out by a number of carefully chosen plant species that grow throughout the pool margins in areas that are connected but separated from the swimming zone by underwater "floating walls", giving you a lovely feeling of bathing in a natural lake without any risk of harming the plants. The ensemble is a stunning swimming area that recreates regional architectural features and combines them with a natural pond look.​


More awesome pool! More awesome pool!

The pool is served by outdoor showers and boasts a shallow water, “beach” entry with a basalt rock ramp that has been worked to pamper your feet as you walk on it. It also has a stairway entry constructed in local volcanic rock and a diving dock, reminiscent of the fishing history of our islands; there are submerged benches you can sit in for a chat and a drink, and stepping stones over the plant areas should you want that "walk on water" feeling.It is set in a spacious relaxation area, complemented by ample lawns and a garden border exclusively planted with Azorean endemic species, which encourages the poolside to be a place of high biodiversity value, with a vibrant ecology that attracts many interesting species of local birds and amphibians.


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