Current Project

The New Bom Despacho Masterplan The New Bom Despacho Masterplan

This project is a labour of love, brought to life by two sisters: Joana and Susana. Like most passion-fueled projects, turning Quinta do Bom Despacho into what it is today started as a blurry dream – which, in time, materialised into something they're proud beyond words about. Both sisters grew up at Quinta do Bom Despacho and are educated in the natural sciences. They also share a love for sports, outdoor life, and sustainability. It would only make sense to join forces and make their dream project happen: turning Bom Despacho into a sustainable homestead that they can share with caring travellers and locals alike. They made it happen by applying (with a really clever business plan!) to an Azorean Government support scheme for young entrepreneurs which is fueled by the European Regional Development Fund. Applied, approved and... here it all is!

Project Managers

Dodging Lemurs in Madagascar Dodging Lemurs in Madagascar

Joana has spent her entire childhood and teen years in the island of S. Miguel, having lived at Quinta do Bom Despacho for the most part of that period. After spending three (rather dull) years studying Law in Lisbon, she decided to move to the United Kingdom, where she completed a degree in Organic Agriculture and a Masters in Natural Resources Management and International Development. During her time in Great Britain, Joana also set up her own Prince's Youth Business Trust-funded organic gardening company and has since worked in various environmental and social development projects in awesome places like Madagascar and Indonesian Borneo. She is currently writing her PhD thesis on the political ecology of climate mitigation policies and their impact on indigenous communities in tropical forests.


Farming in Australia Farming in Australia

Susana has lived at Quinta do Bom Despacho all her life, up until she finished her Biological and Health Sciences degree in 2013. Susana is a sports and outdoor aficionado: besides her recently finished internship at a vet, she manages to find time for surfing, figure skating and scuba diving, among other activities. She also works as a figure skating judge and coach, and her professional involvement with these activities throughout the years - think championship events and international travelling to oversee her athletes' competitions - gave her plenty of experience at organising and managing events.