What to do in São Miguel Azores on rainy days
Wed, 27 sep 17


Are you planning to visit the Azores in the fall / winter? Here are some tips about what to do in São Miguel on rainy days or in a cloudy day

What do you need?

- Bathing Suit (Old Preference)
- Snacks
- Camera
- Warm Clothing (in "layers")

We can borrow you some towels  so that you can go visit and swim in the pools of Dona Beija or the Caldeira Velha.

NB: Renting a car is the best option to visit the island

Day 1

This is a perfect plan for Fall / Winter since it does not matter if it is a rainy ...

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#HappySustainable: the genesis
Tue, 01 aug 17

They were uncertainties placed somewhere between the meaning of life and everyday routines. The crux of the matter was about happiness and sustainability: concepts from seemingly different worlds. The path ahead was hazy now by guilt, then by carelessness. After many maps opened and many maps closed shut, it became clear these ideas needed some touching up: #happysustainable is at once our starting point and our finishing line, at the Quinta and in life.

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